The Wire [Standard Edition]

by Carlton.

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'The Wire' came to me in about three separate concepts - the first one being an electronic dance album called 'Electric Heartbreak,' the second being a new wave album called 'Human Circuitry,' and the third a pop rock record called 'Beautiful Mistakes...'

As I scrapped album after album, I continued working. I had no goal or destination with this album. I just wanted a body of work that would be lasting - something to add to my musical existence of 15 years. After writing the song 'The Wire,' I felt that I had the concept down. The album was progressing.

I put about 8 months of myself into writing, producing and recording this album. There were numerous glitches with older technology not cooperating with newer technology, however, myself and Freedom Anthem, who did a wonderful job engineering this album, created a work of art that will stand out among the work I have previously done.

So, here it is... The Wire...


released July 15, 2014

All songs written by: T. Carlton except where noted
(1) T. Carlton, C. Lutz, Freedom Anthem, J. Carraway


All Vocals: Carlton
All Synthesizers: Carlton

-Drums, Bass, Guitars, Keyboards & Programming (All tracks): Carlton
-Guitars (1): Joshua Carraway
-Bass (1, 7): Freedom Anthem
-Synclavier Programming (1, 5): Freedom Anthem
-Addl Synths (1, 5, 7): Freedom Anthem
-Addl Synths (1): Chris Lutz

(7) Contains a replayed interpolation of "Sakura Nagashi" by Utada Hikaru.



all rights reserved


Carlton. Turlock, California

Synths are my life.

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Track Name: Falling Stars (feat. Freedom Anthem & Josh Carraway)
I could run the whole world
I could give 'em a sight
Captivating beauty like
Falling stars in the sky
Staring out my window
On this cold winter's night
I could burn so brightly
Without you here tonight

Your love hurts
Your words are cheap
And you ain't what you're worth
You never call me
'less I call you first
Then you're like
"Sorry baby, I'm at work..."

Pay me no attention
Infinite detention
The way you plague my mind
Is way beyond my comprehension
Let's just cut this tension
You don't have to mention
What you're thinking I can sense
All your apprehension
Track Name: Warzone
You said you fight for me
But all you do is complain...
When the battle starts blazing
You say you'll come in

You said you'd die for me
That's a lie in itself
When shots fired in
You only saved yourself...

(*) You won't protect me
You won't save me
You don't hold me like you used to
You don't miss me
You don't need me
You don't love me like you used to

(**)And I-
Am fighting a lie-
And I-
Am fighting alone-...

We fight our battles in the bedroom
Our love is war...
Break away from honesty
What are we're fighting for?

Trained in combat of the brokenhearted,
Tired and beaten I fall
Casualty on the battlefield of love
What am I trying for?

(*) repeat
(**) repeat
(*) repeat
(**) repeat

Just let the bombs explode
Let the bombs explode
Here will be fireworks
Scarred with broken love
Let the bombs explode
I'm willing to die for you
I'm willing to die for you
You wouldn't do the same
So, let the bombs explode
Let the bombs explode
Let the bombs explode!!!
Track Name: Miscommunication
Hello? Are you there?
I'm dialing your number
And there's no one near
The sound of the TV
And radio
I hear myself echo
On the phone

I check the connection
I dial it again
But there's no sound at all
Not even a ring
Operator, can you put me through?
My love is waiting
And I don't know what to do

We miscommunicate
Establish a home base
We miscommunicate
(We miscommunicate)
(We miscommunicate, tonight)
We miscommunicate
Can't let us fall to fate
We miscommunicate
(We miscommunicate)
(We miscommunicate, tonight)

Hello? Don't pick up...
I think the line's broken
'tween the two of us
I wanna tell you how I really feel
What good will it do?
When you can't hear

I check the connection
And I try it again
But there's no sound at all
Not even a ring
Operator, can you put me through?
My love is waiting
And I don't know what to do

Track Name: The Wire
While the fire rains
See the man turning into dust
Everyone's gone insane
Saying we've traded love for lust
We don't need no preacher
We don't need no holy books' advice
I just need the feeler
I just need to know that you're alive

In the wire...

Feel the eternities burn
Rise from ashes he touched the sky
This our endless light
Eternal darkness their eyes
I just see forever
I can feel eternity for a mile
While they try to break it
All together living on the line
Track Name: Silence (The Point of No Return)
One million truths
One million lies
One million tears
I have cried
One million fears
One million died
One million fail
One million try
One million times
I've said I would
I couldn't do it
If I could
One million dreams
I share tonight
All for the taste
Of what is right...
One million hearts
Are hanging on
Nothing left to do
But carry on
One million times
I'll give it up
Before I make it
To the top
One million prayers
I have said
For every fear
And every dread
One million stories
I have read
Lying awake at night
In bed
One million heavens
One million hells
One million angels
Their souls they sell
One million boys
One million girls
One million dollars
One million worlds
One million bombs
That detonate
One million hearts
As they start to break
And every dream
And every life
And every husband
And every wife

This is it...
I can feel it
It's the point
Of no return

One million faces
They hit the ground
One million smiles
Turn to frowns
One million poor
One million weak
One billion years
This losing streak
We've lost our minds
We're built to fight
We've lost our truth
We've lost our light
We're mortal slaves
To a higher man
We're all that's wrong
With this world at hand


Is there a heaven?
Is there a hell?
They've all got bombs
They're ringing bells
They sound alarms
To warn the people
Praying in church
They shake the steeple
One million days
One million weeks
One million eyes
One million speak
This Day of Silence
We stand up in faith
We fight the battles
We won't quit yet


Just let it burn
Just let it burn
Don't give it up
Live and learn
Track Name: Beautiful Mistakes
There's a thin line between love and hate
Wide river between desire and fate
Narrow wire between the real and fake
Sine between intention and mistake

There's no difference in laughing and crying
There's no difference in living and dying
There's no difference in heaven and hell
Illuminate the darkness that I know so well
Find no joy in hearts that break
There's no love in this world of hate
There's no passion when the night grows late
There are only these beautiful mistakes...

That let me know I'm still alive...
They let me know I'm still alright...

There's a thin line between want and must
There's a thin line between love and lust...
Track Name: Fairytale
Losing you would drive me insane
To never see your face again
Would be the greatest pain
Can't say I haven't tried
I know I could try harder
I listened to friends' advice
And not what my heart wants

They say that I shouldn't be with you
That I'm no good for you
Or that you will never love me...
That's what they think...
But every single thought is you
And all of my dreams are you
And I just cannot keep pretending
That I'll find love - in the ending

This is not a fairy tale
This is absolutely real...

You were the closest I've ever been
To happiness - to finding true love
I didn't expect it to end
I was up in outer space when I was with you
But I came crashing down to earth
Now I'm alone without you
Track Name: Love Song
Rise from the wires
Looking through telescopic eyes
Freezing empire
This was it - to my surprise
Falling never was this easy
Falling never felt so right...

Lost in tomorrow
Passion's an abyss
So, I can't fight
Leaving my sorrowed
Life I led behind tonight
Falling never was this easy
Falling never felt so right...

And it's you...

I've always wanted something like this
I've always wanted a special kiss
I've only dreamed it would be this way
So many heart breaks forgotten today
I've always wanted happiness
I've always wanted this kind of bliss...