Heartbreak on a Dance Floor -The Remixes-

by Carlton.

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My first remix album.


released May 20, 2015

1. Falling Stars (The Deeper and Deepest Remix)
2. Beautiful Mistakes (Remix - Even Deeper)
3. Controversy (The Extended Story)
4. Back in Time (Air3s ft. Carlton.)
5. Fall (4-C0-D1 Bass Remix)
6. L.O.V.E. 2K15
7. What Can I Say (Love-Still-Continues-Club Mix)
8. Fairytale (A Deeper World Remix)
9. Electric Heartbreak (Acid-Jazzed Heartbreak)
10. Until We Meet Again (PW-2 Tribute House Remix - Emotional)

All songs written by (except 1, 4, 5, 6): T. Carlton
(1) T. Carlton, C. Lutz
(4, 5, 6) Air3s & Carlton.

All remixes by (except 4): Carlton.
(4) Air3s



all rights reserved


Carlton. Turlock, California

Synths are my life.

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Track Name: Falling Stars (The Deeper and Deepest Remix)
I could run the whole world/I could give 'em a sight/Captivating beauty like/Falling stars in the sky/Staring out my window/On this cold winter's night/I could burn so brightly/Without you here tonight/Your love hurts/Your words are cheap/And you ain't what you're worth/You never call me/'less I call you first/Then you're like/"Sorry baby,/I'm at work..."/Pay me no attention/Infinite detention/The way you plague my mind/Is way beyond my comprehension/Let's just cut this tension/You don't have to mention/What you're thinking I can sense/All your apprehension…
Track Name: Beautiful Mistakes (Remix - Even Deeper)
There's a thin line between love and hate/Wide river between desire and fate/Narrow wire between the real and fake/Sine between intention and mistake/There's no difference in laughing and crying/There's no difference in living and dying/There's no difference in heaven and hell/Illuminate the darkness that I know so well/Find no joy in hearts that break/There's no love in this world of hate/There's no passion when the night grows late/There are only these beautiful mistakes.../That let me know I'm still alive.../They let me know I'm still alright.../There's a thin line between want and must/There's a thin line between love and lust...
Track Name: Controversy (The Extended Story)
Yeah... I'm here... I'm not going to shy away/I'm the reason everything is the way it is today/Caused a dilemma, but that's just not me/Acted out of despondency/Take me and rape me - controversy is what they seek/Love me or hate me - controversy is what I need.../Woke up this morning feeling a little blue all because of you/And how I thought I made it bad - but it didn't go.../It didn't go away.../I felt this way all day, just a little break/Ooh, what can I do? To prove myself to you?/And what you said to me - I don't know if I want to.../It's still to be defined - the word still has no rhyme/I'm tired of drawing the line/Everything's a social disease/You can't say or do what you please/Is it feminism? Or is it abattoir?/Is this equality? Or is it just war?/Can we fix this over the phone?/Or am I Napoleon and this is the throne?/Controversy is what they need/Controversy is what I feed/Controversy is what we breed/Controversy... Controversy.../Controversy.../It's what I need... It's what I breed/It's who I am - why they give a damn/Sometimes I'm one of the girls/And other times, it seems, I'm the stereotypical man/Spent all night fighting instead of funking to the beat/And I couldn't handle the heat - and I broke down/But now it's better!/Said some things - but that really isn't me/And if you could only see - sometimes we all act stupid/Woe is me, I guess.../I'm sorry for the fact that sometimes I'm the damsel in distress/Instead of understanding you ignored me/That sh** hurts, but I'll make it...
Track Name: Back in Time (Air3s Remix)
I wanna run away - I'm ready to fly/I need to get away - to a different time/Nothing here to stay - it really drives me mad/I just wanna be with you - that's all I ask/So take me back in time.../Like the trail from a shooting star/Electricity flowing through my mind/You're my near and far.../Take me away tonight/We're running and rushing/And spinning and blushing/I can't stop I'm trusting/You'll take me somewhere
Track Name: Fall (4-C0-D1 Bass Remix)
Felt like fire/It was just a flame/How did it end up/Like it is today?/I was so stupid/Loving you this way/Thinking you love me/Begging you to stay/Blood pressure rising/A heart attack/Sleeping with my best man/Behind my back/Saying you loved me/Wondering if I knew/There was always something/Suspicious about you/I knew I had to run away/And can't believe I got away --/This thing got so out of hand/You don't listen to word I say/Cheating, telling lies/Fists were flying, teary-eyes/You think I'm playing a fool/And I don't think you'll get a clue.../Why did I fall in love?/You said when I was leaving/"I don't want you back"/So, that's why you're always setting/Down the trap?/Now, right in front of my view/When I walk past you/Say you're gonna change/We all know it ain't true/I may be stupid/Sure as hell ain't dumb/I may be bitter/Sure as hell ain't numb/I may be desperate/Sure as hell ain't weak/I may be tired/Sure as hell ain't beat/You know, there is a time/We must say goodbye/It's for the better/It's now or never/We cannot save it/Nothing left to fix/It's for the better/Nothing is forever/We have our beliefs/Right now we feel incomplete/It's for the better/It's now or never/We go our separate ways/Just know you'll always stay.../You say I'm stupid/I'm playing a fool/I only played a fool for you...
Track Name: L.O.V.E. 2K15
Broken hearts don't beat no more/Broken dreams can't see no more/Scars from love when love is war/Scars from love when love's no more.../Something makes me move on/Makes me move on/Knowing that you're long gone/For someone, I'm ready to go all the way, now/And all I need is love.../Wandering streets to find my way/Wandering dreams a place to stay/Scars from love when love was war/Scars from love - they hurt no more
Track Name: What Can I Say (Love-Still-Continues-Club Mix)
Sometimes I think of you/When I'm all alone/I wonder what you're doing/Or if you're even home/I want to call you/But I'm too afraid/Thinking you'll ignore me/I just turn and walk away/And I think to myself/'Love never works my way'/I want to tell you/But I don't know what to say/How about 'hey/My name is/Nice to meet you/Can we be friends?/I love that shirt you got on tonight/I love the way it fits you right/How about coffee Friday night?/Someday we'll work this thing out right/Maybe someday we can get married...'/But words get in the way/Your soft skin, your soft hair/Your eyes when they blank stare/The little things are what I love/Your voice when you talk/If only these thoughts could/Come out of my mouth when I'm talking to you/But I come off shy – standoffish/Probably 'cause I'm nervous/I've never felt this way now, before/You are the one that I long and adore/I tell myself that you're too good for me/And that we could never be.../I'm making this complicated/And I feel like I've suffocated/Maybe someday/I'll come up to you and say...
Track Name: Fairytale (A Deeper World Remix)
Losing you would drive me insane/To never see your face again/Would be the greatest pain/Can't say I haven't tried/I know I could try harder/I listened to friends' advice/And not what my heart wants/They say that I shouldn't be with you/That I'm no good for you/Or that you will never love me.../That's what they think.../But every single thought is you/And all of my dreams are you/And I just cannot keep pretending/That I'll find love - in the ending/This is not a fairy tale/This is absolutely real.../You were the closest I've ever been/To happiness - to finding true love/I didn't expect it to end/I was up in outer space when I was with you/But I came crashing down to earth/Now I'm alone without you
Track Name: Electric Heartbreak (Acid-Jazzed Heartbreak)
What if I... Never see your face again/What if I... Never recover/What if I... Lose the trace of your scent/What if I... Never uncover/I'll wait here until you come back to me/I'll wait here until you notice.../I'll wait here until you're mine again/I'll wait here for you forever.../Don't you break my heart/Like I know you will/Don't you break my heart/In two.../Cuts me like a knife/Like a jagged pill/Don't you break my heart/In two.../What if I... Wasn't this naive?/What if I... Never wasted my time/What if I... Never loved at all/What if I... Hadn't made these mistakes
Track Name: Until We Meet Again (PW-2 Tribute House Remix)
You came to me once in a dream/Drove off into a blurry scene/My heart and soul and body too/Everything I gave to you/A sacrifice, my tears at night/Promise me forever/Against the time/Eternal life/We can stay together/Don't drive into the sunset anymore/Wish I could bring you back to me/It's hard 'cause you've gone away/And I know that we cannot keep you here/But maybe someday we can be together/When my time here ends/Until we meet again.../Woke up and I swear I died/Dream of you so vividly/Found myself drowned in my tears/Over these things I've held so dear/And like a fool waits patiently/I sat here waiting for a sign/But I was wrong - so wrong/Thought you'd come back in time/After all the tears I've cried/After every last tear has dried/I still remember that dream of you/Driving off into the sunset/Like I saw you/No, I don't wanna believe it/That the story ends this way/At the end of the day/I miss you...