Before & After

by Carlton.

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released November 8, 2013

All songs written by T. Carlton, unless specified.



all rights reserved


Carlton. Turlock, California

Synths are my life.

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Track Name: Save My Love
I need your love
To set me free
Trapped for so long
In this misery

Rescue me my love
Bring me back to life
I'd have your heart
Save me tonight...

Only you can save my love
Only you can set me free
Only you can save my heart
From the darkness around me

Only you can light the spark
Only you can make me see
Only you can light my way
I need your love in me...
Track Name: Tonight
Lights out... feel the boom
Come on, let's do it 'till it's afternoon
Strobe lights - fill the room
Smoke machines and electric tunes

And then the DJ plays our favourite song
Before we know it - and before too long
Everybody's on the floor
This kind of party's what we were made for

So we're gonna live it up
And we're gonna give it up
We're gonna do it tonight
Like it's our last time

Drink a little too much
'Cause we don't give a f***!
Tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight

So we put our hands up
Another drank in my cup
And the party won't stop
'Cause it might be our last night

Just get out on the floor
Don't stand around no more
Tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight
Track Name: Do Ya Think (I'm Sexy) -Fashion Remix-
Lay low -
Everybody on the floor
You know what we came for
Just to talk or dance - for sure

It's aural debauchery
Electronics get you on your knees
And the bass penetrates your body
Keeps on throbbing just to please

On and on...
The beat goes on and...

When we're making love
Do you call me honey?
Do you think I'm pretty
Mascara running?

Can I make you laugh?
Do you think I'm funny?
Do I turn you on?
Do you think I'm sexy?
Track Name: Back In Time
I wanna run away - I'm ready to fly
I need to get away - to a different time
Nothing here to stay - it really drives me mad
I just wanna be with you - that's all I ask

So take me back in time...

Like the trail from a shooting star
Electricity flowing through my mind
You're my near and far...
Take me away tonight

We're running and rushing
And spinning and blushing
I can't stop I'm trusting
You'll take me somewhere
Track Name: Friday Night
Let the people cry out
Holler my name
If you wanna do me yeah
You're one in the same

Don't you even think about
Playing your stupid games
I wanna hit the town tonight

'Cause it's Friday night
And the feeling's right
Done with all my shit
Just wanna hang tonight

Get your shit together
Let's get out of this door
We're gonna have a party yeah,
Give me some more

I'm talking Friday night
Don't pretend you hate it
When you really don't

I'm talking Friday night
Don't pretend you'd rather stay home
When you know you won't

You're too complicated
And you know I hate that
You don't let me have fun

You go see your friends and
You go out drinkin'
With me, we're always home alone

I'm trying to be your boyfriend
Doing everything and
You don't do shit for me

I wish I could make plans
And I could get you off your ass and
We could really have some fun
Track Name: Break Sh!t
You tell me you love me
Then you play me funny
Making love mi lova
When ya want me get freaky

You know you drive me crazy
My thinking is hazy
Musta got anotha gyal
Ya seein' this weekend

You tell me I'm the only one
But then I see you sneakin' 'round
I'm sick of this - it's such bullshit
I can't ever get over it

You make me wanna break shit
I can't help it
You make me so pissed
That I cannot forget it, get it

You say that you love
Do you really love me?
When I ask ya - nothing
You avoid the issue

Don't sit and pretend
Like there's nothing wrong
If there was nothing wrong
I wouldn't write this song

I wanna break shit

I wanna shut us down
Like a Republican
'Cause I will never win
This game of love we're in

Is it Democracy
When he got control on me
Are you afraid I'll leave
And never come back here

I just wanna break all your shit
And make you never forget
Make you learn your lesson
And stop actin' like a bitch

I just wanna break all your shit
To make you never forget
Make you learn your lesson
Sometimes, life is a bitch
Track Name: Before & After
You look at me like I got issues
Like I'm the one with the problem
When you couldn't be sincere about anything
Ey, am I with you?

Don't call it a comeback
I've been here for years
I'm glad you had your comeback
Let's talk this over a beer...

Wo-ah, if you wanna hate somebody
Wo-ah, 'cause you wanna date somebody
Wo-ah, yeah you really hate me 'cause
I'm hard to play

Wo-ah, did you think I give a damn?
Wo-ah, do you even know who I am?
Wo-ah, it's sad when guys are like, "aw man,
He sold out 'cause he's better" and...

Before you
There was me
And after you
There will still be me

I said some things when I was 15
But those were some stupid times
I apologized, but still you didn't forget
This song's so out-of-time

Don't give me all that bull crap
I'm stronger than tears,
And you can kiss my ass crack
And thank all these years

You can take the long way home, boy
I'm not giving you a ride...
Track Name: Forbidden
Call out my name
It's your voice I heard
Can't be thinking
Is it right? Is it wrong?
I'm only feeling
I'm sinking on this thing
Don't know what to do
I'm falling for you head over heels -
This can't be good

I fantasize about what it'd be like
If you just belong to me
I sit in close waiting for you just to
Notice me
I've noticed you - but I don't know what to do
I know you won't love me
The way I love you...

So I won't talk about ya
Won't even think about ya
Gotta forget about ya
You're off limits

Walk around like I
Don't even know you exist
Though I know your first name
But I can't be with ya
This sucks, why does love have to
Be so lame?

I won't talk about it
Won't even think about it
Gotta forget about it
It's forbidden

I wish I wasn't so damn shy
I wish I could look you in the eyes
And you'd realize
We've got so many similarities
I love music, and fashion
And if that ain't enough then
I'll be anything you want
I'll be anything you need
Track Name: Circles (You Take Me 'Round)
You make me go, go
Up and down this roller coaster
Send me through mixed emotions
Hurts but I can't seem to shed them

Shed them

When our eyes clicked it
Was so magical but you fucked it
Up so much that I can't get if
You want to be with me or what is it?

Enough of this

Do you love me or hate me
Or not care about it at all
Mind your business
While I have to deal with it

It's a one-sided thing
Do you really not mean it
When you said it, I'm pretty
Sure that you meant it

You take me round and round
Round and round
Round and round
Circles, baby

And I'm slave to my emotion
It's killing me
But you're so worth it
When you talk to me

I get a high that I never knew
It's because of you

Round and round and round I go
Where I stop nobody knows
It's something I don't wanna feel
But I cannot help it I'm in too deep
Track Name: Right Here ... So Gone
You were so blind
Couldn't see
How good and beautiful
Our love could be
How we opened up doors -
All the possibilities

You let it pass
Swearing the moment lasted
Longer than it should
But you knew was good...

So we should travel back
To that moment in time
Claim what is mine
When things were fine

You and I
You and I together

Pray you could be
Here with me again please
Don't leave me alone again
Come back home

You and I together

(Right here)
We're one and the same
We both play our games
(So gone over you)
We both say we're sorry
Come back to me

(Right here)
Don't stay away
I don't think I can take
(So gone over you)
Another day
Without you

Quit lying, quit trying
I'm dying now without you
You got me here crying
I need someone - a lifeline

To guide me, to hide me
From my pain - I'm sorry

You made me know better
I'll love you forever

Another day
Won't you come back to me
I really want you by my side
Track Name: What Can I Say?
Sometimes I think of you
When I'm all alone
I wonder what you're doing
Or if you're even home

I want to call you
But I'm too afraid
Thinking you'll ignore me
I just turn and walk away

And I think to myself
'Love never works my way'
I want to tell you
But I don't know what to say

How about 'hey
My name is
Nice to meet you
Can we be friends?

I love that shirt you got on tonight
I love the way it fits you right

How about coffee Friday night?
Someday we'll work this thing out right
Maybe someday we can get married...'
But words get in the way

Your soft skin, your soft hair
Your eyes when they blank stare
The little things are what I love
Your voice when you talk

If only these thoughts could
Come out of my mouth when I'm talking to you
But I come off shy - standoffish
Probably 'cause I'm nervous

I've never felt this way now, before
You are the one that I long and adore
I tell myself that you're too good for me
And that we could never be...

I'm making this complicated
And I feel like I've suffocated
Baby, someday
I'll come up to you and say...
Track Name: Anything For You
Draw little hearts around your name
Heart skips a beat when I see your face
Here, I have no choice
My blood turns cold when I hear your voice

You shot me down to save my love
You are a gift from above
Every little thing to me you do
Just makes me more in love with you

I'll do... anything for you
Anything for you
Anything for you

I'll be... everything for you
Everything for you
Everything for you

Made me believe in your love
Saved my soul and touched my heart
You don't even know what you did
Just by telling me you care

You shot me down to save my love
You are a gift from above
Every little thing to me you do
Just makes me more in love with you

Just hold me
And love me
Just love me
Track Name: Way You Make Me Feel
Your mind, your eyes
If I could have you, you'd be mine
Your voice, your hair
I love the way you just don't care

It's the way you make me feel
The way you make me feel
You don't even know that I'm real...

Hoping to catch a glance
Waiting for you any chance
Praying for a miracle...

I see you talking to her
Out the corner of my eye
She makes you smile that way
And I think that could be I

I'm so protective of you
Crazy, I know
Everything convoluted and twisted
You don't know your chance 'til you missed it

Shhh! Keep quiet in fear
That you might find out how I feel
So confused, cause I
Noticed you staring at me too
Track Name: Miss You Blind
Drop top drivin' round
Fuckin', rockin' out
Lookin' fly together

It's what I think about
Emotions get me down & out
Love is so tender

'Cause I miss you
I miss you blind
I want nothing
But to make you mine

You're pretty
And you're sexy too
Drive me crazy
Like you always do...

'Bout that city life
Just want you & I
Take me to your garden

Speakers blaring loud
Mount & ride now
Get away together

Miss you blind...
I miss you blind...