by Carlton.

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My 4th album.


released April 23, 2013



all rights reserved


Carlton. Turlock, California

Synths are my life.

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Track Name: I Want It (feat. Air3s)
I've been watching you
Out there on the dancefloor
Yeah, I see you over there
You know you fine

The way that body movin'
Make me feel like I want it
Ya don't know what ya doin' with my mind
When you're on it

Gotta get it up up up up up baby
Gonna rock this club up up up up baby

I feel the force
You cause a new reaction
The beat is hard
I wanna feel your action

I'm gonna rock you hard
'Till they're breaking down the damn door
I'm gonna have you sweatin' on me
On the dancefloor

You got me moving to you
Do me to the beat now
I wanna show you something baby
Just get down

You got me shaking
You got this secret power
You aren't my lover
You're my lover of the hour

Make me want it
Fuel my love and passion
I can sense you want it too
By the way you're dancing

'Cause ain't nobody
Got the thing you got
You make me want it
On the dancefloor

When you do that something
It makes me wonder
When I feel the bassline
I begin giving it to the world

You got me dancing
And I'm dancing all for you now
I wanna take you to my room -
I'll dance on you, now
Track Name: Crush / Do You Love Me?
How many times I've played this game
I still go around
Circles on the one I love
Won't please me now

The heartache goes away
When I see your face
I know I know I know
It has to be the same

'Cause I'm not gonna take it further with you
Unless you show me something that's true
I admit that I've got a thing for you
Decide for you and I

The way that body talks to me I can't take no more
You're sending me a message that I cannot ignore
Tryin' to make my way out of the front door
There's something stopping me out on the dancefloor

Trying to make it through the crowd but you're on my sight
It seems that every thought is you - you're inside my mind
I'm hoping that you'll be someone who loves me
And not another problem saying you love me

Six months later and these feelings unchanged
I'm trying to find a new thing saying you ain't on my brain
It seems that I'm shit outta luck
But I really don't give a fuck

Thinking I'm gonna pick up on your last name...

I wanna move on with this thing
You're the only one that could make this way
Are you feelin' me?
I think we have such chemistry...

Take the time and make it right
'Cause you know I won't put up a fight
What's right and what's wrong
I don't know in your arms
Track Name: I Love the Bass
I love the bass
Now drop that muthafucka on 'em

The only thing that goes boom
When I'm alone in my room
I'm in love with my stereo
I'm lettin' them hoes know

Vibrates my walls
Can hear it in the halls
I like it really loud
Banging favourite sound

They say keep it down
But I say turn it up
I don't mind if
The street can hear us

I can't turn it down
This is my favourite part
I love the way I feel that boom
It hits that special spot

So thick
I call that shit sublime
So big
I feel it evertime

I love that beat
It's so orgasmic
It takes me away
To another planet

I love that boom you give me
It feels just like the bass...
Hits me in my body and
Makes me want to break
Track Name: Already (Losing You)
Some people think
It's their living right
To irritate the shit out of me

Sometimes I think
I'm put here for
Your problems

I feel that sometimes
People misunderstand
This part of being human:

I can only take so much
In one day

Ooh you - you are - our favourite thing
Come here a little closer
And there I go thinking again
Why can't we do this together?

Then I realize... all your petty lies
Don't add up to anything...

You don't respect me
You don't listen to the shit I say
So won't you go away

I try and help you
You say you help me

When I'm up, you bring me down

You make excuses
You try to find another reason
For the shit you do

I'm already losing you...

You can't blame your fucked-up-ness
On other people
Blame yourself

The definition of insanity
Is to repeat yourself over and over again
And expect a different result

It's me you insult

Oh me - oh my - oh you - oh I
Am really not that stupid
You think - I think - You think - I think
You think I'm really that stupid

The way you play me
You drive me crazy

Come and take me away
Track Name: State of Violence
Bombs blasting
Filling minds of little ones
Telling them that
The only way war is won
Is you get a gun
And kill someone
It makes you a hero
Don't be a zero
Sad, that we live in this state
We can't go outside - fearing
That we'd be raped or killed...
We need to be healed

(It) doesn't have to be this way
You gotta understand it's wrong
To think
In this state of violence
It's okay to be weak
Be strong
Raise your voice when something's wrong
We believe -
In this state of violence
We demand peace
Track Name: Leaving (Trip)
I'm leaving
I'm going today
I need to take a trip
And get away

I wanna be where you are
No matter how far
I'm gonna find you...

Take me on a trip, I'd like to go someday
Take me to New York, I'd love to see L.A.
I really want to come kick it with you
You'll be my American boy, American boy

I do not understand
Why do we stress demand?
Why do we get our shit in a knot
With such tasks at hand?

I want to be with you
No matter what that means
I'm gonna find you
Track Name: What I'd Do...
I wanna give you every part of me
I will not say a word
I'll take your love so deep inside
It's what I want to do

Ooh what I want
I can't even express to you
How you make me feel

Going round and around for you baby
Running circles in my body
Waiting for you...

What I'd do for satisfaction...
What I'd do to please you...
What I'd do for you...

I want to taste your love...
I want to smell your skin...
I want to release emotions
That have been locked so far in...

Ooh what you do
I can't even explain to you
What you do to me

Making me spin when it's in
I can't feel
Anything but you...

Turn me out...
I just want your love...
Track Name: Secret Love Affair
Our story's right here
Written in the pages of our diary
I never told it and I wonder
When it's gonna be revealed to the world

Only you can make me feel the way I feel
It feels so good because of you
Burns inside me 'cause I love you...

Can't nobody can't nobody can't nobody
Tell me you were not made for me
Can't nobody can't nobody can't nobody
Tell me you don't feel for me

Until we're ready to tell everybody
Our secret love affair...

We're lovers in secret
Nobody knows about you and me
No other hand can make me feel so sexy

Body to body
Caressing my body
Your love inside me...
Track Name: Sexy
Saw you out the other night
I couldn't pick my head up off the table
Just for one moment to say

It must've been the alcohol
'Cause I can't remember a thing at all, but

The switch in your walk
The small of your back
Your lovely little fuck me eyes
Feel your body on the rise beneath me

A sexy little disco king like me
Sure loves his royalty
I see... you so damn sexy!

Don't remember what happened last night
But sure as hell, I'm satisfied
Did I make myself too open?

It must've been the alcohol
'Cause I can't remember us in the brawl of love


When I feel like making love
I'll call your number babe

'Cause I know that you'll pick up
And put it down... on me